21st Century Skills and Future-Ready Students and Educators

Please see the handouts and information below about 21st Century Skills, Future-Ready Students of all ages and 21st Century Educators.

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World Languages

Other Content Areas


These 21st Century Skills Maps are the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation in each content area. The 21st Century Partnership has issued maps for the core subject areas, including World Languages. These maps or tools are available at the P21 website and have been made available on this page for easy access.

These NCDPI Future-Ready or 21st Century graphics are available here as posters and/or for use in training materials, such as slide decks.

21st Century Skills Map for World Languages


21st Century Skills with Technology Tools for World Languages

(Created by Lauren Rosen)

21st Century Skills Maps for . . .

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy resources:


(There are 2 versions in this document.)

High School Graduate


Middle School Student


Elementary Student