World Language Content Sessions for Institutes of Higher Education (IHE)

Please download and adapt the materials from the IHE Common Core and Essential Standards Institutes (October 2011) Content Sessions as needed.

File(s) to Download
Notes & Information

Agenda for all 3 sites

PowerPoint with talking points in Notes for all three sites.
Ponder & Preview Activity

NC World Language Essential Standards Philosophy with Ponder & Preview Activity questions
WLES Program Introductions for the Double Jigsaw Activity

These program introductions are from the World Language Essential Standards (WLES) on pages 6-14.
Classical Languages

Dual & Heritage Languages: Dual Language/Immersion Programs

Dual & Heritage Languages: Heritage Language Programs

Modern Languages: FLES/Early Start & Middle School Programs

Modern Languages: High School Credit Courses, Levels I - VIII

Individual Proficiency Analysis Activity

LinguaFolio Information

2011-2012 World Language Webinars Flyer

Learning Trajectories Handout