World Language Content Sessions: 2011 Summer Institutes (SI)


Please download and adapt the materials from the 2011 Summer Institute Content Sessions as needed.

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Notes & Information
Agenda with Day 2 Homework

The agenda used at the sessions in Asheville was modified to show the different times.
Homework Link (Google Doc):
Homework Link (Google Doc Data):
PowerPoint Presentations by site

June 27-29, 2011
Grove Park Inn (Asheville City)
Asheville, NC

Here is the PowerPoint used on-site in Asheville, along with a PDF document containing the numbered slides and all of their talking points in the Notes.

Changes were made based on feedback received. For example, there was not enough time to discuss the NCWORLDLANG social bookmark, so it will be the focus of one of the 2011-2012 [[#|webinars]].
July 12-13, 2011
Kinston HS (Lenoir County)
Kinston, NC

Here is the PowerPoint used on-site in Kinston.
July 14-15, 2011
West Stokes HS (Stokes County)
King, NC

Here is the PowerPoint used on-site in King.
July 19-20, 2011
Pasquotank HS (Pasquotank County)
Elizabeth City, NC

Here is the PowerPoint used on-site in Elizabeth City.
July 21-22, 2011
Maiden HS (Hickory City)
Maiden, NC

Here is the PowerPoint used on-site in Maiden.
July 26-27, 2011
Pinecrest HS (Moore County)
Southern Pines, NC

Here is the PowerPoint used on-site in Southern Pines.
Activities from Content Sessions

Handouts are made available in both Word and PDF when possible.
Note: Copyright restrictions sometimes limit the postings to PDF only.
#1 True Colors Word Sort

#2 Talent Waiver - World Languages

The 4 Corners Elevator Speeches are available at 4 Corners Elevator Speeches and are posted chronologically by SI 2011 site.
#3 Proficiency & Instructional Time Scenarios

#4 Program Introductions

a. Classical Language Program Introduction

b. Dual & Heritage: Dual Language/Immersion

c. Dual & Heritage: Heritage Language

d. Modern Language: FLES and Middle School

e. Modern Language: High School Credit, I-VIII

#5 Individual Proficiency Analysis

#6 LinguaFolio Information

#7 Future Ready Student

#8 The True Colors in Teaching

#9 Learning Trajectory

Google Doc (Form): Learning Trajectories Activity
Google Doc (Spreadsheet): Learning Trajectories Data
#10 Scavenger Hunt

Google Doc (Form): Scavenger Hunt Activity
Google Doc (Spreadsheet): Scavenger Hunt Data
#11 NCWORLDLANG Bookmarks

World Language Content Session Evaluation [[#|Survey]]
Please link to the survey to share your feedback.

[[#|Jeopardy Game]]