World Language Essential Standards Instructional Toolkit: Graphic Organizers

The World Language Graphic Organizer booklet () contains the branding page followed by graphic organizer packets for each of the eight proficiency levels in the North Carolina World Language Essential Standards (WLES).

The packets are comprised of information about the graphic organizers, a mini-lesson with several components including one or more Assessment Examples (AE), and the graphic organizer to be used in the classroom.

Please check this wiki page for additional information and materials, such as the graphic organizers in different formats and languages, where they will be posted as they become available.

Below are the individual proficiency level Graphic Organizer packets in PDF, along with their component parts in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats.

Novice Low (NL) – Greetings
NL PDF Packet:
NL Overview & Mini-Lesson:
NL Graphic Organizers: and

Novice Mid (NM) – Technology
NM PDF Packet:
NM Overview & Mini-Lesson:
NM Graphic Organizers: and

Novice High (NH) – Family
NH PDF Packet:
NH Overview & Mini-Lesson:
NH Graphic Organizers: and

Intermediate Low (IL) – Travel
IL PDF Packet:
IL Overview & Mini-Lesson:
IL Graphic Organizer:

Intermediate Mid (IM) – Literature
IM PDF Packet:
IM Overview & Mini-Lesson:
IM Graphic Organizer:

Intermediate High (IH) – Family
IH PDF Packet:
IH Overview & Mini-Lesson:
IH Graphic Organizer:

Advanced Low (AL) – Current Events in the Media
AL PDF Packet:
AL Overview & Mini-Lesson:
AL Graphic Organizer:

Advanced Mid (AM) – Family
AM PDF Packet:
AM Overview & Mini-Lesson:
AM Graphic Organizer: