Welcome to the North Carolina World Language Wiki

This wiki is designed for World Language educators and is used to share resources and materials related to the implementation of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics and the North Carolina Essential Standards in all other content areas) with a focus on the North Carolina World Language Essential Standards, as well as information about policies and initiatives for language education.

Please explore the site, download materials, and share any suggestions with Ann Marie Gunter at ann.gunter@dpi.nc.gov

NCDPI World Languages Staff

Language Advisors serving the Southeast

Christie Lynch Ebert, Section Chief of K-12 Program Areas

Arts Education, ESL, School Counseling, World Languages


Phone: 919-807-3856


Alexandre Durand, French Education Advisor

French Consulate Office in Atlanta, GA


Thomas Tugulescu, Deputy Cultural Attaché

French Consulate Office in Atlanta, GA



Ann Marie Gunter, World Languages Consultant


Phone: 919-807-3865


Felix Gaspar Koch, Spanish Education Advisor

Spanish Education Office in Tallahassee, FL


Infographic: Spain - U.S. Relations (http://spainintheusa.org/)

Linda Crouch, Program Assistant for K-12 Program Areas


Phone: 919-807-3861

Fax: 919-807-3823

Michael Goettert, German Language Advisor/Coordinator

Central Agency for Schools Abroad in Atlanta, GA


Michael Göttert.jpg